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Add Milestone and Type fields to +Record Time screen

suggested by Oskar S

Most of the time our developers log time against tickets. This is fine, as it means we can see how long people are spending on specific types of ticket (we've got them marked up as front-end, back-end etc.) and also against which milestones (as tickets are linked to milestones).
However, if a developer logs time under the +Record Time function ( e.g. ), there is no option for them to track time against a specific type of task or against a milestone, or indeed whether the time is billable or not.
This means we sometimes end up with what are essentially orphaned time entries that we don't know what to log them against.
So either:
a) Sort out the Record Time screen, as it's a bit of a white elephant at the moment
b ) Remove it altogether, or allow us to remove it as a project property (without also removing the Add Time tab against tickets

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