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make "change details" open by default

suggested by Tamás T

Old CB interface had "Assigned user" at hand - which is why CB became our central workflow tool.

"Assigned user" is a frequently used item and is now treated as a low priority UX element - behind Category and Type, two things that nearly never change during the lifetime of a ticket.

Please make an option at least to revert this change back. "Change details" should be open by default, and "Assigned user" should be placed first in the row in order to make the users see and use it.

Our clients have no PM expertise - most of them will never take the extra click to change Assigned user once it's hidden. This way both our personal ticket lists (at the Dashboard) and the project ticket lists will become useless, as users will forget to change assignee from time to time.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

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  • Staff Comment

    The Change Details tab will be open by default - we're just about to deploy this. We'll see what we can do to improve the positioning of the assigned user checkbox.

    You can also change the assigned user at the top of the ticket page. See this screencast:

    posted by Adam C