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Allow custom project icons

suggested by Dan Q

As a user, I would like to assign custom icons to projects.

Using a client/project logo or favicon would provide a great visual clue while looking for a project in a list.

On project create/edit screen, a + sign is placed within the icon dropdown. When the user clicks, a standard upload form asks for an image file (jpg, png, gif, svg). Uploaded image is automatically resized and cropped to match codebase icon criteria.

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Comments (2)

  • As an agency, we have a lot of projects. Easily identifying them by a custom icon (i.e. favicon) would be great.

    posted by Chris K
  • The existing iconset is a) Cheap and ugly, b) confusing to clients (What is this little picture? Why doesn't it relate to our project at all?) and c) look absolutely horrific on retina screens. They let the whole look of Codebase down.

    posted by Andy B

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