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Import Milestones and Tickets on mass

suggested by Unknown User

Would like to be able to import a cvs file which sets out all my milestones and children of milestones and sets out all my tickets within these milestones. Also be able to include the first message within the ticket for the notes.

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    posted by Unknown User
  • I have been thinking about this. I think the WBS format would work well if we could just import them along side the tickets:

    TeamGantt use this method to import their groups of tasks/milestones which works well and would help me track the progress of several projects at once. Have a look here:

    As a production manager with several project managers in my team the gantt is for me but the milestone/tickets are for their developers and to be able to set up importing projects which work well together would improve our overall workflow.

    posted by Unknown User

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