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Include Priority in Notification Emails

suggested by Daniel L

Currently to see what priority a ticket has been created with from an email notification, it is necessary to open the email and find the text showing the priority of the ticket (which never stands out for me... I end up having to pretty much read the whole email twice to see it!)
For the majority of tickets which are raised by our clients, we will not be actioned immediately - tickets are reviewed periodically and work scheduled accordingly.
For any tickets which are raised with a Critical priority, we need to break off and investigate immediately.
Currently, whenever a notification comes in, we need to break off what we are doing, and check the priority of the ticket - whereas if the priority of the ticket was included at the beginning of the email subject, this would be immediately be apparent within the popup notifications - and we would not need to interrupt the current work in progress.
(It would be even better to have full customisation of the email subject, and potentially the ability to only get alerts for tickets of a particular priority... but just having the priority in the subject would be a great start)
Is there any chance this could be implemented?

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