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Ordering "My Assigned Tickets"

suggested by Luke H

At present, the "My Assigned Tickets" (.../tickets) page seems to be randomly ordered. Can we have the column titles clickable like the other table views so that the data can be ordered by date, project, title etc?
As an interim measure if the above takes time, can it default to ordering Chronologically based on the "Last Updated" column?

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Comments (2)

  • Yeap, some way od prioritizing my assigned ticket list would be great...this can be a really long list sometimes. I would prefer option to sort it "by hand" via drag & drop but even option to sort by headers of the table would be better than nothing.
    There is so many options to sort/filter list of tickets inside single project and not even one for tickets overview from multiple projects. There should be exactly the same options as for a single project...  ability to choose columns, filters, to save queries etc.
    I work with 5-7 projects at a time...and for me options for "overview list" are crucial ( even more important than for a single project).
    I'm also project manager for few of them and I would like to see general "workload" of others - not in single project but  general workload.
    Right now I cannot see in any way all the tickets of let's say "Paul McKain"... or all hight priority tickets in all projects.
    Project management for single project is quite ok but in our company the same people are working for few different projects at the same we definitely need better way of displaying tickets from all projects together + some filtering options.

    posted by Ania K
  • Ok. I found Dashboard->Reports>Tickets where you can have different tickets view. Still don't really get why there is no easy way to access it from Dashboard->Tickets.... for me it's the place to look for tickets ;)
    And definitely there should be way to save search criteria/reports (as there is inside a single project).
    So if you want to see some list/report often you don't have to set it up every time.

    posted by Ania K

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