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Ticket created via email: Allow adding watchers

suggested by Joseph H

We would like a way for our clients to add watchers to a ticket when creating a ticket via email. Here are a couple suggestions:

1. When a known/trusted user creates a ticket via email, allow them to add addresses in the CC field. You would then parse the CC list and if any emails on that list are also known/trusted users, add them as watchers.

2. Extend the "variables" functionality found here: -- which would add the following functionality:


And when an email in the watchers list is found in the known/trusted users for that project, add them as watchers. Not as favorable as option 1 since most email clients will auto-fill email addresses which makes that the better option for the end user.

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Comments (1)

  • I like this suggestion. We have clients ask for this all the time!

    posted by Dave C

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