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Default to Kanban view for Tickets

suggested by Danny B

We're loving the new agile functionality but to make this truly useful there needs to be an option to make the Kanban view your default view rather than having to click "View ticket list as a Kanban Board" every time you log in.

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Comments (5)

  • I think in general it would be REALLY nice if the ticket view just remembered your last settings when you came back to it. If you were viewing Kanban, it comes back to that. If you had them sorted or filtered a certain way, it would come back to that. This would save me a huge amount of time.

    posted by Rudy S
  • Defaulting to the Kanban view would make this new feature just perfect. 90% of the time that I login, that view is the only thing I care about.

    And setting the default filter to a saved search would be equally useful.

    posted by Steven R
  • Agreed, being able to set it the Kanban board as the start page on the project properties preferences would be wonderful on a lot of projects.

    posted by Edd B
  • I agree it could be asked, but I hope it will remain opt-in and the Kanban View will not become the default view.

    posted by Unknown User
  • I'd be happy with the ability have a kanban link in the dropdown, like saved searches.

    My current workflow is
    Project>Open Tickets>View tickets as kanban I would like to remove the extra step and go straight to the kanban view.

    posted by Sean H

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