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New ticket field

suggested by Paul K

Hi Guys,

I know you have an estimate field for tickets however it would be good to have a second estimation field. Most agile software have the following

1) Original Estimate - A time field that is populated when creating the ticket and holds the developers estimate from the estimation process
2) Remaining Estimate - This field is updated by the developer daily to record how much time they believe is left to complete the ticket.

In addition to the above there is normally a third time field, which you already have

Time Sent - The developer records how much time they have remaining on the ticket.

This will allow the SCRUM master to:

1) Understand the original estimate of the ticket
2) Understand how much the developer now thinks he has left on the ticket
3) How much time in total the developer has spent on the ticket.

A more accurate burn graph can then be created.

Would it be possible to add a "Original Estimate" field (or some sensible name) to a ticket?


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