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Time Tracking Reports Enhancements

suggested by Mark R

I recently switched my time tracking (after 8 years!) from Harvest to Codebase.

Harvest is a time-tracking champ when it comes to reports. One thing that stands out to me as I'm embracing Codebase: It'd be great if I could save a set of Time Session filters as a named report, so that I could quickly view time compared to project budgets, etc. I.e., I'd like to jump to a report for Project ABC without setting the filters, and maybe save reports that are just "current month".

Another report, one that wouldn't easily be accomplished by existing filters, that would be helpful, would be *all* unbilled time for a time period, grouped by project. On the 1st of each month, I go into an Unbilled report in Harvest, navigate to the previous month as a filter, and see a report of all client projects with total unbilled time by project & client. This lets me easily a) See who I need to invoice and b) See how many hours to drop into an invoice. As Codebase supports marking time as billed, this would be a natural evolution of that feature. At present I'd have to scan the list to see which projects had time, or hit the filter for each project to see if any time popped up.

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