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Add note to time entry

suggested by Ania K

I like the idea that you can add time entry for a ticket. I only don't get why ticket name is by default already a note/description and I cannot add my own comment to it.
Later when the entry is displayed there is exactly the same info twice - would be much more useful to have different description for each time entry connected to the ticket ( showing how much time took each part of a ticket)
You can click the time entry and edit note to change it...
It would be so much better if you could enter it directly at the beginning when you enter time entry and don't have to go to time entries to find just added time entry and edit it.
It is just one more input to time entry form in the ticket :) ....and really big difference for time tracking.  
Now we have 5 entries for the same ticket all with exactly the same text if we don't edit it manually later.

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