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Make it possible to search in ticket comments

suggested by Balazs E

Currently one can only
search in ticket titles, not even advanced filters allow searching in the
comments. This makes it impossible to find certain tickets. When entering
simple search terms that should search in both the ticket title and the
comments, and assign higher rank for matches in the title.

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Comments (2)

  • Completely agree!

    You can do a global search and that looks in the ticket comments but then the list it returns isn't exportable.

    I want to be able to get all the tickets linked to a branch in the repo which seems impossible at the moment.

    posted by David C
  • This is a really important feature.

    I recently spent some time working with a reasonably large set of tickets (150-200 open) and not being able to search for text within comments meant that I couldn't locate certain tickets, except by opening each one individually and reading it.

    This feature would have allowed me to focus on actually addressing the tickets instead of fighting with the tools.

    posted by Matt G

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