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Private comments shouldn't change any other attributes

suggested by Balazs E

When sending a
private message that shouldn't submit any of the other fields below the
comment. Currently if I want to make a private comment I have to reload the
page just before submitting it, to make sure I don't change any other
fields. For example, if I open a ticket, start typing, and in the meanwhile
someone assigns it to someone else then when I post my comment it will
change the assignment back to what it was before. This means that we have
to make sure to switch that back afterwards. Also, even if no one makes
changes to the ticket in the meantime, one would expect a private message
to be private but changing any attributes results in notifications to our
client as well (e.g. changing assignment with a private comment). Simply
hiding, and not submitting those fields at all would solve both of these

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