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Support SAML authentication

suggested by Liss T

We'd like a way to integrate Codebase with our SAML-based single-signon system, so users don't need another password just to log in here.

While password authentication would be sufficient, it would be even better if we could pass e.g. group memberships and email address over SAML as well.

Ideally, this would be configurable per-company, so client users can continue to use Codebase-specific logins.

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Comments (6)

  • NB, SAML is a widely-used standard supported by e.g. Google Apps, Slack and AWS, so it's likely a lot of Codebase users are already using it.

    posted by Liss T
  • +1 My company is also using Google Apps. Other apps that we are using like PeopleHR have support for SAML, and it's a very cool user experience for everyone.

    posted by Joannes V
  • We'd like to see this implemented too. It would be most useful to us if it could be enforced at a company level. This would mean that cutting someone's Google Apps access would also cut Codebase access, increasing business security and reducing process.

    posted by Will T
  • This would really help codebase 'stick' in our company's workflow

    posted by Tom R
  • +1 We are also on Google Apps. Integrating with this would not only cut down number of passwords etc., but it makes it extremely easy to control access when someone leaves the company.

    posted by Unknown User
  • We also have Google Apps and would love to use their SAML SSO for CodebaseHQ. Thanks!

    posted by Joannes V

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