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Keep milestone ordering sequential.

suggested by Unknown User

We use milestones to keep track of our releases. Currently, if we go higher than x.x.9 the numbering restarts, the attached happens. Could this be adjusted to continue sequentially?

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Comments (3)

  • Hi, 
    A sollution to this problem is filling up the lower numbers with zero's.
    so your numbering should be 
    As a feature request i would ask to make it more easy to order the milestones.
    Currently its ordered by Deadline - Alphabeth.
    It would be more usefull if you could just move milestones around. (Drag and Drop?)
    I should be configurable who can change the order of the milestones.
    Kind regards,

    posted by Anthony C
  • Agreed, would be helpful to be able to configuring ordering of milestones (by deadline, alphabetically, or manually) 

    posted by Tim D
  • I agree also. Just would like to be able to import milestones on mass and their children and be able to drag and drop would be lovely.

    posted by Unknown User

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