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Support for binary files to support compiled Languages in DeployHQ

suggested by Unknown User

Since I work in the .NET environment, the main limitation I find is that I am unable to rely solely on CodebaseHQ + DeployHQ to manage all my deployments in a single place, since DeployHQ is not a build server.

I figured an easy way for you to allow us to support to use your pipeline for compiled languages scenarios :

1/ In CodebaseHQ : Offer the possibility to define "Binary" folders in the repository. A binary folder is a folder containing binary. These folders would be excluded from commit scanning.

2/ In DeployHQ : Offer the possibility to exclude certain directories (you typically don't want to deploy the source code, just binaries, resources, and templates)

3/ In DeployHQ : Offer the possibility to choose where to copy the content of certain folders in the destination server. Often, there'll be bin/debug and bin/release binary folders, but the application expects to see the files under bin/.

So typically, here's the use case :

- We only check-in binary files from bin/release for source control.
- After the very first commit, we set the bin folder as a binary folder in CodebaseHQ - this step never needs to be done again
- We configure DeployHQ to tell it to copy bin/release to bin/ and to exclude source code folders
- We let the magic happen

For the rest of the project, all we have to do is :
- Commit
- And click on Deploy

I think this would be easy enough to implement, and this very simple thing would enable you to gain much more appealing to the whole .NET community.

If you can add support for environment based (test, staging, production) configuration files (see the .NET app.config, and web.config files whose specification have been very stable for a long time), as a bonus then you won it all

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  • Regarding my last remark I've just seen this which already does the trick :

    posted by Unknown User

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