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List 'My watched Items'

suggested by Tom R

I would really like to be able to list the tickets I am 'watching' in the codebase UI.

When I work on a ticket, and then it is re-assigned, I immediately lose track of that ticket, as it is not associated with me anywhere in the UI. I cannot therefore keep track of which tickets may be coming back to me.

This is a real hole in my workflow, which I have tried to fill with spreadsheets etc, but that is a massive duplication of effort (and prone to error), as I am already recorded internally in codebase as 'watching' for these tickets, and a list of those tickets I am 'watching' would suffice.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (2)

  • Great to see this ticket getting some development time, thanks.

    Being able to view tickets I am watching would be very useful, and there is no question this should be a feature in codebase, especially with this status already recorded it should be (relatively) easy to facilitate.

    In the interests of collaborative feedback I would like to point out that my *over-arching* aim was to retain a link between the developer and a ticket even when it was with a client, PM, designer or other. The proposal to use the existing 'watching' status of a ticket looked the simplest way to achieve this initially. A more robust way to achieve this would be to separate 'assignment' and 'ownership' so that a ticket could specifically be tagged with an owner, which would remain the same when a ticket was re-assigned. UX-wise this need not be as obvious as assignment, as would not change much.

    The other very important requirement 'ownership' would serve is to allow PM's to get a realistic view of WIP for a developer (ie tickets that might come back to them any moment, as well as those currently assigned).

    I realise that the above is not within the scope of this ticket, but I thought it might be helpful to understand the requirements from our workflow that prompted the request, and it would be really great if you did get a chance to look into the feasability.

    Any response would be very welcome

    Thanks again

    posted by Tom R
  • Staff Comment

    This has now been added :) You'll find it via /tickets/watching and as a Tab within the main Tickets dashboard. Additionally, you can select a number of tickets and use the "Un-watch all selected tickets" button at the bottom of the list.

    posted by Adam W