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Carry over selected part of message into new ticket

suggested by Johanna L

This is kind of like the new splitting tickets feature, which doesn't work quite as I expected. Codebase advised me to make an entirely new suggestion, so here it is:

At least for me, ticket creep most often occurs when a client responds with an answer to my question A, and in the same message adds a new question B about something more or less unrelated. In these cases I'd like to be able to COPY what I think are the IRRELEVANT PART(S) of the message into one or more new tickets – KEEPING everything RELEVANT to the original ticket in the original ticket. As of now, the splitting tickets feature entirely deletes the last message from the original ticket, which to me isn't always, or even often, desirable.

Ideally, I'd also like to be able to add a special splitting/copying message to the original ticket, stating why I just split it.

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Comments (1)

  • Oh, and also, if it was my client John Smith who wrote the message in the original ticket, it would be neat if it looked like he wrote the message in the new ticket as well, just as it is now with the splitting functionality. Otherwise I might sometimes have to start the new ticket with something like "John Smith asked about this:" However, I guess I shouldn't be able to put words into or take away words from John Smith's mouth, so maybe the best thing after all would be if an entire copy of the message, including author and datestamp, was carried over to the new ticket, and I was given the choice to highlight the parts relevant to the new ticket.

    posted by Johanna L

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