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Ability to clear a value when mass editing tickets

suggested by Tom S

I would love the ability to clear the value on multiple tickets at once when in the search/list view.
For instance right now we may have a milestone in which tickets are assigned. Say said milestone has 10 leftover tickets by its due date, I usually would take those tickets and remove the milestone and assign it to a new milestone at a later date.
Right now you can only do so by opening each ticket individually as the bottom bar doesn't accept blank values as changes. I would propose adding a new option to each of the dropdowns (milestone, status, priority, category, etc) that would essentially say "Set to null".

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (1)

  • +1
    Recently I needed to un-assign multiple tickets. Also not possible and can be done only by going to individual ticket's page.

    posted by Cyprian K