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Show parent milestones on tickets

suggested by Michael N

Our team at Event Espresso uses codebase for managing our work in relation to our core Wordpress plugin (Event Espresso) and its addons. We organize our versions of Event Espresso using milestones, and put each addon in its own milestone within the same project (keeping them in teh same project is handy because we need to sometimes have blocking tickets in core which relate to addon tickets etc.) 

However, sometimes it's easy to get lost in all these milestones because they're often nested. See this screenshot: 
is this 2.1-DEV of our API addon? or the Mailchimp addon? etc. The only way to find out is to click on it and view the entire milestone. And what if the milestone is nested 2-3 levels deep? Well that's 2-3 clicks and pageloads and waiting. 

SO, it would be really nice to see all the PARENT milestones on the previous page, not just the direct milestone. So something like 
Milestone: API addon >> 2.1-DEV
On a related note, blocking tickets could also benefit from knowing which milestone they're on. See screenshot: . In order to get around this, we're needing to put the milestone names directly in the ticket (like in the green box in the previosu screenshot) which seems a little silly.
Any plans to implement these features?

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Comments (2)

  • Yes.  Please... please add this - it will save time on triaging and working with tickets.

    posted by Darren E
  • The codebase functionality is improving and helping us be more productive, this is another small change that would also help. Thanks.

    posted by Garth K

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