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Expose Merge Requests in the Codebase API

suggested by Ryan S

Hey everyone,
My team is currently using the merge requests functionality to perform a code-level QA routine.  However, it's a bit cumbersome for them to create merge requests for every ticket that they work on (because we currently work on every ticket in a different branch).  Exposing merge requests in the API would allow me to make some sort of bash script that automates the process of them creating a merge request every time they complete work on a ticket.
Thanks for the consideration!

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (6)

  • Great suggestion!

    posted by Eirik H
  • This is a must. Merge requests are great, but the workflow is very limited because it's not exposed via API. 

    posted by Ben W
  • +1

    posted by Eirik H
  • +1

    posted by Andrei D
  • +1

    posted by Unknown User
  • +1

    posted by Emil H