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Sum Time Estimate, Added Time, and Tickets to Milestones and up Hierarchy

suggested by Garth K

We use tickets, milestones and child milestones extensively to plan out different sections of a project and then to estimate the time involved for each part of the project and then the project as a whole: (
We could really benefit from the ability to 1) sum all the time estimate value(s) ( of the tickets to the individual milestone, 2) sum the child milestones time estimates to the parent milestone and so-on up the hierarchy (we have four layers deep right now), then 3) display those calculations per milestone and parent milestone(s) on the Milestones Overview. That will allow project managers to get an estimate of the time involved per project by child and parent milestone (or in our case by each part of the project, then the project as a whole).
It would also be smart to do the same for all the time that was added ( to each ticket and sum those to each milestone and so forth up the hierarchy (as described earlier), and display it on the Milestones Overview so we can see how the planned time estimate and actual time amount compare. We know we're not great at our time estimates, but this feature would tell us how close we are and/or what parts of the project went over budget so we can address those areas of the project.
This same idea would be useful with tickets too.
Again, it's important that we can see the time estimates, actual time amounts, and maybe tickets grouped by milestone and child milestones on the milestone overview. Right now you display the Open and Closed tickets per milestone, which is helpful, but can we add 1) the summed time estimate, 2) the actual amount, and 3) the open and closed ticket counts in a display per milestone?
Maybe as a text output here and a second text output if it's a parent milestones so we can see the estimates/actuals for the individual parent milestone and then summed amount that includes the child milestones?:
Does that make sense?

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