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Personal Data - Flag for deletion, requirement under new regulation GDPR

suggested by Sharon K

We are obliged to meet the legal requirements for the retention and anonymisation of personal information in accordance with relevant legislation, particularly the Directive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Presently there is no feature to flag a ticket that contains personal information.

Ideally we would like to search a project that contains 100’s of tickets to filter the tickets containing personal data and then have the feature to delete the personal data or attached document.

Not for us Sorry, we've decided we won't be adding this feature in the near future.

Comments (2)

  • I 2nd this, this will be a great help for us preparing for GDPR

    posted by Clare D
  • Codebase supports this via tagging already. Add a GDPR tag to a ticket, then under Search, add an advanced search "Tag Contains GDPR".
    Once the ticket has been cleansed, you can remove the tag.

    posted by Richard v