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Make todo checklists harder to tick accidentally

suggested by Tom R

being able to use - [ ] to generate a list with checkboxes is potentially really useful, but in practice anything but a very simple list used by one individual is unworkable, because it is so easy to check the items without meaning to.

This is because the whole li element is clickable, rather than just the checkbox, meaning that clicks associated with touchpad scroll events etc can easily mark items as completed/uncompleted. If the click were captured only on the checkbox itself, this would not be a problem.

Also these suggestions need to be searchable, I have no idea if this has been discussed previously.

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Comments (1)

  • It has been pointed out to me that it would not be accessible to make only the (tiny) checkbox item clickable, but that more user feedback might achieve the same goal (avoiding accidental checks), eg if the whole row was highlighted briefly to show that it had been changed.

    posted by Tom R

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