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Real time ticket updates (ie without requiring page reload)

suggested by Tom R

I realise there is complexity involved, but I think it is time to consider updating the frontend of codebase so that updates are polled or pushed and become immediately visible.

I have updated many tickets only to click save and see an update from ten minutes or half an hour prior pop up, from the client or a PM or other developer who had updated the ticket since I last refreshed the page.

It is not appropriate to have to repeatedly refresh pages, or to follow conversations separately in email client, in order to have a timely on ticket discussion.


Also can I repeat my request to make these suggestions searchable so that they are surfaced by other users. Ironically I cannot locate that suggestion itself, because I cannot search for it

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Comments (2)

  • I'd second this suggestion. It's very common for me to reply to a ticket, and see that the client has added a new update in the time it's taken for me to write the reply. Currently, if it's a longer message, I've taken to drafting it in a separate notepad then refreshing the ticket page just before I paste in my message and post it.

    posted by Iona T
  • This happens to me frequently. Not only do I often submit replies that no longer make sense and have to edit them afterward, but I have sometimes spent significant time working off a ticket only to find that the requirements changed while I was working such that I have to scrap my work.

    posted by Naomi M

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