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More Robust Ticket Export Utility

suggested by Unknown User

Currently when creating a report of tickets the only export option is to download a CSV file of the basic ticket information. This includes project, ticket number, subject, status, priority and last updated date. It would be great if there was an option to download a detailed ticket report as a PDF which essentially takes a snapshot of each of the detailed views for each ticket found in the report and combine them into a single PDF. 
Enhancements to the above:
-This could include the ability to start this PDF with a ticket subject list (kind of like a table of contents) at the top of the PDF which links to the more detailed view of that ticket further down in the document.
-Also you could include external url links back to the live ticket in codebase from each detailed view in the PDF to make it easier to link back to this.
-Maybe even provide more options which allow the user to customize what is displayed in this report. Maybe users only want the initial ticket creation information rather than that information plus any follow up discussion.

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Comments (1)

  • Is there a solution for this already?
    I need more info in the CSV as well.

    posted by Geurt Jan v

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