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ordering tickets in milestone views

suggested by Tim D

When I'm viewing a milestone view, currently there seems to be no coherent ordering of the tickets in the view (maybe it's updated at).
I think it should be configurable (at the project level  - so you can order by deadline, by priority, by name (alphabetic), or by ticket id (or created_at).
without this the milestone view is really confusing (given I can configure what order is used for the overall ticket view).
UPDATE: forgot to mention that the current group-by-assignee is sometimes useful, but sometimes obfuscates the real issues. 

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Comments (2)

  • Additionally I think one of the options should be manual (assigned) order.
    Ideally you'd then have a milestone-specific drag and drop, or worst-case you'd have an "ordering" numeric field that can be any number (float ideally)

    posted by Tim D
  • +1, i'd like to be able to order milestones too. At the moment they are listed alphabetically

    posted by Julian G

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