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Allow tickets to be filtered by Tags using 'does not contain'

suggested by Neal T

I submitted this request outside of the forums, Jack asked me to post it here too for any community input and ideas:
It'd be useful if the ticket filtering by Tags allowed 'does not contain' as well as just 'contains'.
This would cover the usecase where I want to filter out a bunch of tickets based on a tag I can give them, without having to alter the existing subject (e.g. adding a prefix/suffix) or other attributes as a way to identify them for exclusion.
E.g. I could tag an open ticket that'll be with a client for an extended time as 'client-radar' then use 'does not contain' to filter it out and thus reduce the noise on the list of tickets that interest me in the short term. When the ticket comes back into play I just need to remove the tag.
Cheers, Neal

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