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Change topic of discussion post

suggested by Unknown User

I'm pretty convinced now that this isn't possible - seems easy :)

I believe Discussions are just that, ongoing discussions - and they can frequently vary in actual topics to the point where we eventually want to clarify the proper subject of the thread.

Any way to make it so we can click on the topic title and change it?

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Comments (2)

  • Yes, please! It's super annoying to not be able to keep the subject line in sync with the actual discussion going on. Also, some devs are crap at writing good topic titles. As a moderator, I'd like to be able to fix them.

    posted by Alexander M
  • First time I've come across the need for this, but find it super-weird that you can't change the title/subject of a discussion. Yes, please fix!

    posted by Scot S

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