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Ticket Audit Logs

suggested by Wez E

Afternoon all,
My development team has been using Codebase & Deploy for a few months now, & we’re generally really happy with both products. We are, however, starting to encounter some problems with regards to keeping some of our more complex tickets tidy & manageable.
Ideally, I’d like my developers, QA guys, & support staff to maintain discipline over the scope of a ticket by keeping the initial ticket post up to date with the most recent specification (which, in an agile environment, is always likely to creep a touch…). Obviously, they can do this already, but unfortunately not in a completely transparent fashion.
Currently, ticket update modifications are displayed with an (edited on ...) suffix appended to the update header, but no further information is displayed. Ideally, any edit of an individual ticket update would result in an audit log of some description, containing the modifier's name, a timestamp, & perhaps even a brief description of the reason for the modification. Perhaps an update strap line, detailing the most recent modifier, would suffice for the most part - with further information available via a mouse hover or click?
So, is the requirement for a ticket audit trail something that interests other development teams? Or is this just another example of my power-hungry, control freak personality?

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Comments (1)

  • Seconding this - stating that a ticket has been edited, but without saying who, why or what was edited renders the ticket pointless.  
    Someone can easily edit a ticket right before it is completed and massively increase the scope, and there'd be no way of proving what had changed, which is largely unhelpful.

    posted by Nik J

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