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Add the option to break out comment to a separate ticket

suggested by Unknown User

This proposal was originally posted at and had 37 votes at the time it was posted here.
Original comments:
It would be an incredibly useful feature in the Codebase ticketing system to have the option to split a comment out as a separate but related ticket.
I would love to see this idea implemented. I often see responses to tickets starting to get out of scope, and it would be incredibly useful to branch those responses out to new tickets, with a reference back to the original ticket.
I would very much like this functionality.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (7)

  • Hi Peter,
    I've just finished writing this component - it'll be released in the coming days.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Excellent Ben, thank you very much!

    posted by Unknown User
  • Is this release yet? I can't find this function.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Still nothing. Can I get an update please.

    posted by Unknown User
  • Any chance of seeing this?

    posted by Brent P
  • can we expect his on next release?

    posted by Enrique G
  • Staff Comment

    We're going to be deploying this feature in the next couple of days.

    posted by Dan Q