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Prepaid ticket handling

suggested by Unknown User

I`d like to be able to do the following within codebase:
customers buy credits (prepaid)
customer files a new ticket
I can give  the ticket a status "price set" and say how many credits it will cost to realise it
customer has to approve the set price and tasks
credits are locked untill customer sets status checked and done(credit for developer) or developer cancels ticket (credit returned to customer)
This would result in a system that allows to file tickets for extra`s during the projects and after the project is finished. Also  a developping party can shoudl in a new ticket with status price set when updates are available for third party software, so a customer can decide whether they want the updates done or not.
This will not only be a great way to structure payed tasks but will also force customers to stack up their work (1 credit is 15 min for example, if they file more tasks at once, the developer can work more efficient and the client will pay less)
Hope you guys can have this realized before next sunrise :)

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