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Deadline Reminders

suggested by Jeff S

A feature that Codebase is sorely missing, is automatic reminders about upcoming/missed deadlines. Just a simple email notification to the assigned user stating that a ticket is due/past due. Other applications do this. We are currently using Asana as a supplement to Codebase, for this reason. It would be nice to have this feature within Codebase.

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Comments (3)

  • +1
    yup this is very important. Tickets with past deadlines also dont show up in any other diffrent way in the lists...hence...deadlines seem very low priority within codebase.
    Most tools mark and flag tickets with deadlines approaching, day of the deadline or past deadlines as upper super mega important codebase they just disappear in the mist of all other tickets.

    posted by Florian W
  • Yes, I completely agree with this. If you're the Milestone or Sprint owner, it's particularly important to have a handle on overall workflows.

    posted by Tim S
  • This is what I'm really missing.

    I would be ok with it even when there is only a Slack Notification (which can send a notification to mail & phone)

    posted by Eugen B

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