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Implement fix fields for "versions"

suggested by Unknown User

i know there is a feature planned for custom fields, but i think this is not related to custom fields, because there is some special logic only for that. I would like to see additional 2 fields in the tickets. 
- Affected version
- Fix version
So that a reporter can define in which version a bug occurs, and the fix version is for the developer that he can set a version number in which version it was fixed. Milestone is in my eyes not an alternative. First of all because, that is only one field and not two and next thing, that milestone has completely other meaning.
A milestone is a timerange for a feature for e.g. Like: "Payment Integration". This milestone has then for e.g. several versions... 1.x (paypal integration), 1.y (creditcard implementation) and so on. When a reporter use our software, (we have develop, testing, stage und live with different versions), we would have NO CHANCE to know in which system this error ocurrs what the reporter reported without that version fields.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (2)

  • Yes, I'd like to see those feature, too!

    posted by Jake L
  • +1

    posted by Unknown User