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Please refactor or rebuild the whole role permission management

suggested by Unknown User

i would like you to ask, to implement a much better and much more flexible role permission management. Current one is only very basic and not flexible. All the things which are configurable at each project (read/write access to the sep. modules within a project), should be possible for roles. Its horrable to configure it with current system, because i have only 2 possibilities. 
1. Give a role complete read/write access to all modules
2. Give a role no / only read access to all modules
But i can not specify on module base and that is horrable. Because in most cases they should have access to all modules without repository. And sorry, it is a shame, that i have to create then a "less-permission" role, without any rights, and then set the user perm. manually on each project. if i would have 50 users... i can hire one person that is only doing that the whole day.

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Comments (1)

  • +1 for the permission management setting. All access-controlled objects should be controllable just like in Linux: owner, role, read-write. It's absurd to have only per-module permissions or to have write permissions and be able to edit/modify someone else's entries, it's not team-friendly

    posted by Unknown User

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