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A few neat suggestions

suggested by Unknown User

Having played with other products such as Jira, Bitbucket, Github and what not, there's a few neat features that i'd love to see implemented in Codebase.
1. The ability to "create another ticket like this" when in a ticket's details, this would be incredibly useful when adding mass tickets 
2. The "create ticket from comment" feature is amazing, but only pre-fills the description with the filepath and line number, would be great to link directly to the first commit it was added in
3. It would be great to have an additional feature to create ticket from multiple comments, for example I have a TODO in code in multiple places for the same task, but may only want to create 1 ticket and reference all references in the codebase
4. Branch permissions (most likely suggested before) which would make merge requests much more powerful
5. Global search filters, when I save a ticket search query such as "all my incomplete Android tasks" I don't want to re-create it for every project in the account (30+!)
I will probably reply to this as I think of more awesome suggestions

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Comments (5)

  • In order i'd say 1, 5, 2, 3, 4

    posted by Unknown User
  • A few more
    1) Would be great if Noti had a little more info in the notification on what was actually changed in the ticket rather than just a generic 'ticket updated' message, something like "In Progress->Completed' etc 
    2) Would be cool if tags linked up to a search, for example, if I have a search (assigned: me, category: android) and I click on a "design" tag, it auto adds the condition "tag contains: design" to my current search criteria
    3) Would be nice to be able to select specific exceptions to close rather than having to go in each one to close manually
    4) Searching exceptions would be cool

    posted by Unknown User
  • On the back of the exceptions stuff I was wondering if you guys have any plans to update to the v3 API of Airbrake? The JSON support is much nicer to integrate with than the v2 XML stuff. Also;
    - Searching exceptions (and allowing multiple selection/editing) would be nice
    - Grouping by class could be an idea

    posted by Unknown User
  • A couple more
    1) Auto suggesting tags previously used would be amazing, i can foresee clients getting tags wrong and there being a myriad of tag variations 

    posted by Unknown User
  • The idea about branch-level permissions sounds perfect!
    (I had to study if this is even possible with Git. If you are as curious as me, see for a summary about Gitolite. Nice!)

    posted by Ville M

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