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Implement three-level publicity levels for tickets and comments (public / shared / private)

suggested by Ville M

Recently it became possible to mark tickets as private (making tickets and comments visible only to the user). I'd like to suggest that this feature would be extended to three levels:
public: The ticket is fully visible "to the public", like in Changelogs etc. what parts of the Project is set public
shared: The ticket is normally visible in Codebase - this is the "default" level as now
private: The ticket is visible only to the user
This idea became when we started to tag tickets by customer and/or our end-user (what they've requested from us). We'd like to expose a list of tickets related to them via API so they can follow the process of implementing them. Tags work well here in general but currently we can't expose comments of a ticket as they may include some internal details.
I am happy to discuss more about implementation (and workarounds while we're waiting this to be implemented), this was kind of initial idea now... ;)
- Ville

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