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Sprints in advanced search?

suggested by Unknown User

We'd love to see sprints added to the advanced search in a manner similar to how milestones are currently integrated. 

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (8)

  • (we're currently using the beta features)

    posted by Unknown User
  • Yes, this would be extremely helpful. I would also like the ability to do a bulk edit where I can assign multiple tickets to a sprint, rather than just milestones. Thanks!

    posted by Unknown User
  • I was looking for this earlier today. Would be nice to have!

    posted by Eirik H
  • I was also looking. Would be great to have

    posted by Tim S
  • I'd love this, as I'd then be able to use the API search facility to grab sprint-specific tickets.

    posted by Wez E
  • Yes, it would be really beneficial to have this in the advanced search and filter criteria, in the same way that Milestones are already used.

    posted by Molly H
  • Need a way to separate out what is in the current sprint and what is in the back log, in my mind at least the are mutually exclusive. A search would help this for sure! +1

    posted by Adam F
  • Definitely needed so that I can show all the tickets in the current sprint with my own choice of columns included. For example, at the moment, I can't see the tags of all the tickets in the current sprint.

    posted by Keith H