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Sprint with multiple project backlogs

suggested by Jayaram T

My team is working on multiple projects, which are related. I want to create a sprint using a bunch of tickets as backlogs. Is there any way to do that??.
Let me explain the scenario with an example . I've Project A, Project B and Project C. Project A is base project which is used by Project B and Project C. I have one support team for Project A and two separate Dev. teams for Project B and Project C. But some tickets(backlogs) in Project B and Project C requires modifications in Project A. If I put those tickets in Project A, the Development team will miss out those.
My suggestions;
Either I should be able to put tickets in corresponding Projects, but can make a sprint as one view, by linking tickets in multiple projects,
The sprint may be created in one project, but the tickets should be able to share between projects.
Please help.

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