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Kanban board for tickets

suggested by Oskar S

In my opinion, Codebase desperately needs a simple high level view of tickets/tasks to show what is currently being worked on and what remains in the backlog or on the Icebox/someday.
A kanban board would be the obvious UI solution to this, with the ability to quickly drag and drop tickets to reorder them and mark them as started/complete (status field).
We have found ourselves looking elsewhere for simple task tracking for this reason as the traditional ticket method is too cumbersome.
If comments or further details for a ticket is needed, one could then simply click through to view the ticket in it's normal thread view.
See Pivotal Tracker, Trello, ThetaBoard etc. for how this could be handled.

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Comments (57)

  • Thanks for the reply. I tried following that link and am getting a permissions error though:

    Can I be allowed to view that thread?
    EDIT: Ah, perhaps I need to be part of the beta community? I'll email a request... thanks

    posted by Oskar S
  • Hey Dan,
    I've been desperate for Codebase to have some form of Sprint/Kanban tool - is it possible to get access to the beta on my account setup? My codebase domain is plymouthsoftware. Please email me chris at plymouthsoftware dot com if you need anything else.

    posted by Chris B
  • Thanks Jack, I'll try it out on a current project and leave any feedback on the thread.

    posted by Chris B
  • Please can you allow me access to the beta thread also, we are desperate to get some sort of agile scrum/kanban integration going with codebase preferably ScrumDO, there is also a uservoice thread regarding this here to vote on:

    posted by Jason B
  • Hi,
    I'm really glad to see some progress with scrum tools. May I have access to the beta, please? We've been with codebase for a couple years and really need scrum project management (sprint planning and reports). Hopefully we can find what we need so we can stick with codebase, because it's becoming a deal breaker for us (unfortunately). Thanks in advance.

    posted by Garth K
  • Hi Dan / Jack,
    May I please get access to this beta feature as well?

    posted by Michael K
  • Jack,
    PM sent.


    posted by Michael K
  • Done! Please check out this thread:
    Thanks! On initial view this looks very helpful. We'll provide more feedback as we evaluate...

    posted by Garth K
  • I would love access too as well please!

    posted by Darren E
  • Please could I also have access?

    posted by George G
  • Apologies Jack, I'm only in Sirportly. I just wanted to have a look at it, but OK if not possible.

    posted by George G
  • Hi there,
    I actually was visiting this forum specifically to inquire if there was any plans to implement a Kanban feature within Codebase. I got so excited when I read the above because we are seriously in need of such a feature for some upcoming work. Would it be possible to obtain access to the beta feature? Thanks in advance!

    posted by Justin M
  • Hi, I was here looking if there was any plan to develop a Kanban board on Codebase. 

    Can we have this enabled on the account associated to 
    Thanks in advance!

    posted by Oktara S
  • Hi Jack,
    I am new to codebase. I was a longtime Assembla user and recently joined codebase as one of my clients used it. I would like to try the kanban board too. My account is

    posted by Anantha N
  • Thanks!

    posted by Oktara S
  • Thanks Jack.

    posted by Anantha N
  • Could I have access to this beta feature as well on my account (companion2)?
    I evaluated your project a while ago as our company was/is looking for one place to store our code and also in the same time to have some issue tracker + project management features. Your app was really high on our list when it comes to code features + issue tracking but we need something better when it comes to project management and planning our work.
    Milestones are not really working for us and right now in codebase overview of all your tasks (if you have multiple projects ) has some flows ( I wrote about it in different topic).
    I would be happy to see if there is chance to migrate to codebase in future when it has agile features.

    posted by Ania K
  • Please could you grant me access too: Thanks

    posted by Edward K
  • Hi Jack, could you please also unlock the feature for Are there any other interesting beta features? For example, I am looking for real ticket workflows.

    posted by Ingmar H
  • Hello !
    I wish I could have access to this feature as well ! Could You allow me to test it ?
    Our account is gomesbrothers
    Thanks !

    posted by Julien G
  • Hi jack!
    Can we have access too please? Account name: applicata.
    Excited about this!
    Thank you

    posted by Sebastian R
  • I'd love to take a look at that feature in beta as well, please.

    posted by Thilo R
  • Hey, I'm unable to access the link:
    Have questions around the ticket estimating and duration view in Kanban

    posted by Vera D
  • hi !! could I get access to this feature please !! my account is:

    Thanks !

    posted by Dommo T
  • Am I missing something or is the "Sprints" tab missing from the individual ticket record for "Traditional" projects?

    posted by Garth K
  • Hi there,
    please could you grant me access to the thread and activate the beta features on my Codebase account?
    Many thanks,

    posted by Chris R
  • Hello, could I get access to the thread and the beta features on my codebase account?

    posted by Chris G
  • Hey Jack,
    Could you please grant me access to this feature as well?
    I'm looking to use something simular.
    When should this be out of beta?
    My account:

    posted by Anthony C
  • Hi Jack,
    I've just signed up to evaluate Codebase, and I love everything so far. However, I would really like to have this feature once my team begins real work. Could I please get this beta added to my account?

    posted by Unknown User
  • Hi,
    May I ask you to add this beta feature to my account as well?

    Thank's a lot!

    posted by Guy Maurice C
  • Is it in the future going to be possible to have a Kanban board for regular projects not using the "Sprint management tools"?

    posted by Unknown User
  • Hi Jack,
    Could you grant me access to this feature too please?
    We're at
    Cheers, Rob.

    posted by Rob M
  • Thanks Jack,
    Could you let me access the topic as well please.
    Cheers, Rob.

    posted by Rob M
  • Hi Jack,
    Could you give my team access to the sprint tools beta?
    Account is pmsolutions

    posted by Mike S
  • I've been playing around with the kanban beta and have some thoughts about it, but I'm unable to access the forum for that feature. Could you give me access, please? Thanks!

    posted by Pam Z
  • Hi,
    Would it be possible for our team to try out these new features too?

    posted by Daniel B
  • Hi Dan
    is it possible for our team to get access to this feature?
    thanks in advance

    posted by Enrique G
  • How is going the progress of this feature?
    As the other users here I would love to have this control in my account since my team is using tickets on codebase and trello to manage this things and will be perfect to have everything in just one place. Is it possible to add me to beta too?
    Thank you.

    posted by Marcus F
  • I'd also like to get access to this feature and the beta forum, please.

    posted by Johanna L
  • Hello,
    can you please activate this beta feature/forum for our company account too?

    posted by Unknown User
  • Could our company also have access to this beta feature?

    posted by Nathan H
  • +1 for us to get access to the beta -

    posted by Andy H
  • May we please have access? Thanks!

    posted by Unknown User
  • May I also have access?

    posted by Suhkvinder D
  • Can we have access? please? Thanks!

    posted by Unknown User
  • Could we please have access for
    Thanks in advance  :)

    posted by David S
  • Is there a Kanban board for Account and Project levels in the offing? The tools is ok at Sprint level, but if you're handling multiple projects/ clients simultaneously, then higher level views are required.
    It would also be great to make an Account or Project level Kanban view a homepage for users to choose as their default.

    posted by Tim S
  • That sounds like a good feature, but please do not enforce any specific or Scrum like workflow.

    Personally the reason I enjoy codebase is because is it light and provides organizational tools without enforcing workflows, it actually let us defines our own workflows. It my opinion this is great because workflows should be specific to every project as teams and projects are specific also.

    My company also uses Jira, and it much more heavy and overwhelming, this is the reason why I started using codebase to manage my project.

    The risk with this kind of feature is to make the kind of Jira like heavy dashboard. Please do something as simple and light as the task management tables. When I saw this table I remember having thought : "I never asked anything more than that, this is perfect. Finally people who are okay to let us to things our way".

    Ok for the Kanban board but please keep the "spirit" of the initial product intact

    posted by Reddy B
  • Thanks for the great product. Is there any ETA on this feature?

    posted by John W
  • Can we have access? please?


    posted by Enrique G
  • Jack,

    Can you please provide access for our account specified below:


    We are planning to completely migrate our self with agile practices.


    posted by Senthil Kumar S
  • Could I get access to this betafeature aswell? (sharpsignal) Thanks in advance! Any looks on when this will be fully released?


    posted by Steven T
  • Very interested in this feature as well! I see a lot of talk about a beta on this thread, but I can't find any comment from Codebase staff about it? What's the current status and where can we get beta access?

    posted by Steven R
  • Is there any update on this? We are currently trialing CodebaseHQ, but this is a deal breaker for us. We will likley still with BitBucket and YouTrack otherwise.

    posted by Unknown User
  • I would like to have to option to use the Kanban-board even for projects that are not using the "Agile ticketing Methodology".

    For example, I would like to prioritize tickets within a milestone.

    posted by Peter T
  • Hello, do You plan to add "TESTING" group for tickets ?

    posted by Filip J
  • The Kanban Board is a great addition. We spend most of our time in this view now. But I think it could be more flexible.

    For instance, it would be great to be able to add/remove/rename columns so we're not tied to just New and In Progress (or even a status). It would be nice to be able to have columns that are stages of a project, or even priorities. In that way, we can establish the order of the Critical tickets, the order of the High tickets, and so on. If the column names and the number of columns were customizable, this would be an even more useful tool.

    Lastly, I'd love to see a new filter on the regular tickets page where we can sort the tickets in the order they appear on the Kanban Board.


    posted by Jeff T