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Add mylyn integration for eclipse

suggested by Daniel L

Initially suggested on 3/3/2010 - and the highest voted feature request for a considerable period of time on Uservoice.
This feature would significantly improve the workflow for teams using Mylyn / Eclipse - currently for every Codebase ticket we are working on, I have to create a duplicate local task within Mylyn in order to be able to focus on that ticket within the Eclipse workspace.  Needless to say, this duplication is time consuming - and due to it's manual nature, prone to human error.
This issue is preventing me from moving a number of my clients who are currently using Github (organisation accounts) to Codebase - despite codebase in most respects offering much better features, usability, performance and reliability than Github for commercial organisations.
It would be great for some real commitment to be shown to delivering this feature - together with an estimate release date :)

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Comments (1)

  • Unfortunately I am not (primarily) a Java developer - and though i would love to assist with this, I think others may be able to do so much more effectively!
    I do think it may be worth looking at the open source route with this - it is after all an extension to an open source plugin for an open source IDE to allow it to connect to the (existing) CodeBase API.
    It may be worth looking at the egit-github mylyn connector for... inspiration - whilst this is a relatively mature and much more comprehensive plugin than what might be needed here... most of the mylyn specific functionality will be doing the same things as will be required for a codebase mylyn plugin... just against a different API...

    posted by Daniel L

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