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When was this feature deployed

suggested by Brett N

Sort of like git blame, but a little more sophisticated. I often get asked "When was THIS feature deployed". Although I can look at git logs to see when the code was committed and all, it'd be nice to see, we pushed the changes with THIS feature to server X on <date>. 

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Comments (8)

  • This is exactly what I am missing in Codebase. We do currently close tickets by writing "[completed:123]" into commit messages. However, it's a bit confusing for users that do not work with git as they can't see whether the feature is already deployed live.
    We have been thinking to create own notification system with Deploy and Codebase API, to add just a simple note about deployment to completed and deployed tickets. I would really like to see this feature in Codebase though, it would be very useful.

    posted by Ville M
  • Hi!
    I just shared the script we've used in our company. It's available in GitHub:
    Feel free to use, modify, edit it in your environment however you like... while waiting Codebase's official feature. ;)

    posted by Ville M
  • +1 for this

    posted by Tom S
  • Related to this, it seems that Codebase will handle [completed:XXX] tags also if the ticket is already closed (but in another status, like Invalid or Live in our case). I think it would be useful if the ticket would not get updated by commit tags if they already are closed (of course this could be optional behavior). One alternative might be that we could define a branch where the "commit message tagging" is active.

    posted by Ville M
  • 100% second this feature. Currently we update a ticket with committed status and have to regularly go through these tickets and close them off after checking if each commit has been merged and deployed. Even just a text update in a commit-linked ticket to say 'Deployed to production on xx/xx/xx at xx:xx' would be ace, but updating the status too would be awesome.

    Would prefer not to have to drop code into our repo and modify our deploy accounts though.

    posted by Unknown User
  • I just added a new idea related to this at Codebase's UserVoice:
    This integration between tickets + deployment needs some work in general, there are many possibilities. ;)

    posted by Ville M
  • +1
    Any updates on when this will be implemented?

    posted by Rian V
  • My take on this

    posted by Peter T

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