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Add GitHub-like ticket labels

suggested by Jonathan H

GitHub uses labels that can be assigned to issues (like tickets in Codebase). This offers much flexibility to create groups of tickets for every possible situation. These labels can be used for everything: priority (high/medium/low); type (feature request/bug); technical part of the application; etc.
Currently the list of tickets for a project I'm working on contains over 100 open tickets. Some are vague feature requests (for the future), some are current bugs, some are internal (only for the developer, e.g., me), and others are used to communicate with the client as well.
I think Codebase lacks a way of grouping these tickets into manageable groups. For example, my client might want to see all tickets where his input is required, while I might want to see all open bug tickets.

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Comments (1)

  • Isnt this already possible with ticket tags?

    posted by Eirik H

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