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Inline Task Lists

suggested by Chris B

As seen in Github Flavoured Markdown (, inline task lists would be handy for managing the 'micro-tasks' that go with any ticket. This could also be used as a checklist for agile development story tickets, e.g.

Ticket (Story)
As a user, I want to sign into my account to see my private stuff

[x] User can sign in using username and password
[x] User can sign in using email address and password
[ ] User can navigate to the Registration screen to register an account (#86)
[ ] ...
Additionally, a report could be added to list unfinished to-dos grouped by ticket (assigned to you).

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (2)

  • +1

    posted by Oskar S
  • This kind of inline task list would be an excellent feature. I would like to be able to also split an item from the inline task list into a completely new ticket. Currently we do this manually and add #xxx -notation inside the comments. Maybe this could be just a simple link next to the checkbox, Codebase would then take the line (where the checkbox is) as a new ticket's summary.

    posted by Ville M