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All Servers in Groups to also be in Individual list

suggested by Unknown User

Server Groups are great and really useful when we want to deploy the latest changes to the whole platform, but...

when we add a new node to the cluster we have to set it up as an Individual Server first to do the initial deploy and set up. Then we have to recreate an identical server setup in the group.

It would be more useful to have all Grouped servers, also listed as individual deploy targets for those times where you need to push a deployment to just one box, without having to maintain 2 entries per server.

Not only the scenario above, but A/B testing versions or putting a fix on a single node in the cluster would be possible.

Taken a step further, being able to just create a server config then have it exist in multiple groups could also be really useful.


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    posted by Marco C
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    posted by Jonathan R
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