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Allow omission of new_ref parameter to deploy latest commit on auto deployment

suggested by John H

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As it stands, in order to deploy the latest code on a server using auto deployment we have to find out what the latest commit is.

Auto deployment is useful because it means we can trigger a deployment without having to visit the website. However, if we have to find out what the latest commit is manually it sort of defeats the point.. how often do you want to deploy not-the-latest code on master?

The fact that the web interface can do this but not auto-deployment makes me think this change would probably be fairly trivial (just use whatever code gets the latest commit on the site in the auto-deployment code).

Yes, we can make an API call to get the commit but this is flawed for a couple of reasons:

- DeployHQ already has the ability to do this, should we really be coding around a missing feature on DeployHQ?
- Accessing the API relies on my user existing on the account - what if I leave the company I work for? Then all our auto-deployments will fail.

Before dis-regarding my suggestion, please can a developer read it? Any developer will understand why this is a 'must have' feature, while a management type may not. I notice the other person's suggestion was just ignored without comment.


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Comments (1)

  • My vote for it. Strongly agree with John that it seems to be a missing feature in the request API. It's a shame that HEAD pointer is not accepted as it is actually essential part of GIT itself. Any chance for quick workaround guys?

    posted by Marcin C

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