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Ability to set timezones for servers

suggested by Michael L

It would be great if there is the possibility to configure the proper timezone for a server. Because right now the deploytimes shown on the dashboard differ from ones own server time and/or local timezone.

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  • I was posting a similar suggestion, I'll just put my piece of mind here! TL;DR; try using proper timestamps and timezone conversions in those timestamps in the dashboard.

    All these events occurred at a certain time, e.g. 19:00. But, because we are located in Amsterdam (GMT+1) these times are not correct. We have to manually add +1 hour ourself to match the actual value. I looked into the code and I see that you guys are already using a proper RFC timestamp, e.g. "2018-02-01T16:58:01Z". It's the element "p.o-feed__timestamp". If you use moment, or even javascript's date, you can properly display this timestamp with the user's timezone offset, e.g. `moment('2018-02-01T16:58:01Z').format('HH:mm:ss')` would display `17:58:01` for me.

    I think this minor adjustment would definitely benefit users in non-GMT timezones. I also would like to add that maybe a `time` element is more syntactically suitable than a `p` element. Hope it helps!

    posted by Cedric v

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