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Allow ssh commands to run optional

suggested by Unknown User

As a user I'd like to configure a ssh command to run only optional, when selected during the actual deploy. This would make deployhq a lot more flexible. Example: You might need to sync files/assets from another system or import another dbdump for some deploys, but most of the time not. So it would be a lot easier to archive this by just clicking the wanted ssh command checkboxes (which were configured optional) instead of creating a new project "deploy to stage with database update and file sync from prod".

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Comments (3)

  • This would be good. I have a backup script that backs up all the files which takes a long time and I don't want it to run if I'm just making a small CSS change.

    posted by Andrew C
  • Great suggestion! I have a minification task for CSS and JS that don't need to run every time

    posted by Marcio S
  • Great Suggestion, i suggest extended functionality along with this here

    posted by Ankur R

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