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Allow to send the Commit Title to Slack in Notifications

suggested by Walker K

This would really help when multiple people in Slack are looking at the commit and could understand what the commit was.

Complete We've implemented this suggestion!

Comments (4)

  • From the request I was about to post...
    For sending deploy notifications, please add a variable that includes the commit messages within the %commitrange%. Or at least a variable that has the end commit message in.

    I want to be able to alert less-technical staff that something has changed, so it can be checked or promoted. The hash of the start and end commit doesn't really mean much even to a developer.

    Seems your staff want this too. When I asked for the feature and was told to instead put a request in here...
    "It's a very nice idea, so I'm sure it will be added in future, but as always we do like to prioritise based on interest"

    posted by Gregory M
  • +1, would be very handy!

    posted by Thijm P
  • This is the the same as

    posted by Dylan B
  • Staff Comment

    We've added this today :)

    posted by Adam W