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Composer.json deployed first

suggested by Richard S

Ability to have deployment send composer.json before the rest of the deployment files. This will allow us to execute "before deployment" commands before the rest of the files are loaded.

Reason being - frameworks like laravel, etc would fail with composer update as they will not be able to find providers from the vendor folder if a composer update is not run before the rest of the deployment files are uploaded. But of course to do this means composer.json needs to be deployed seperately. If you manage alot of deployments it is double the work to deploy the composer.json first then immediately redeploy with the new app files that load the providers

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Comments (1)

  • Why do you use composer "before deployment"?
    Simply use it afterwards (so all files are there) and do "composer install". I'm deploying many Symfony-Instances and have no problems that way...

    posted by Christoph K

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